Food and Happiness…Can what we eat lead to depression?

The Unites States published that eating foods high in trans-fats and saturated fats increases the risk of depression. They did so according to a Spanish study done on 2011, confirming previous studies that connected eating “junk food” with depression. It was a study done on an European population which usually consume food with relatively low intake of trans-fat. However, they realized that despite this factor, they were susceptible of suffering depression. Thus, this study emphasizes on the importance of taking this effect in the US for instance since 2.5 percent of energy comes from these fats.

The Los Angeles Times (like previous studies) contends that people who ate mostly “junk food “   have 48% increased risk of depression. Henceforth, the adjustment of our Western diet from saturated and trans-fats found in meat, butter and other fast food to more beneficial fats found in vegetable oils, fish, mono and polyunsaturated fats.

Solution?.. While certain diets or food may not directly put you in a better/happy mood, a healthy diet in your everyday meal may contribute as part of treating for depression. However, on the other hand, some research and studies found that omega- 3 can significantly help one fight against depression. Studies found out that people with a deficiency of omega -3 are more at risk for being depressed than those who consumes it frequently. It is also essential to eat adequately and to have in your every deal the necessary amount of amino acids, proteins rich food , good carbohydrates ,antioxidants ,Vitamin D. You can also refer to video below about what to eat.