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Food, I would contend, is essential for survival. Eating well is one effective method toward being healthy.It is key to prevent several illnesses but also to preserve your body,most importantly to maintain a healthy body. We know that what we eat is directly linked to our body. We also know that foodborne illnesses are causes of morbidity and mortality all around the world. For more info, feel free to visit the WHO or the CDC websites on food safety.

Nutritionists always say eat well, be diverse and balance meals. Well, how do we go about that? In Health in your meal, you will find posts about daily habits to adopt when eating, whether it be alone or with your family at home or socializing with friends at a restaurant.

We are often overwhelmed by the amount of food products available and are unsure of what to consume. This blog site,created during Spring 2012 as part of  the Media and Health class at Hunter College School of Public Health, will provide practical advises on what to buy and how to prepare balanced meals. There will also be several posts about nutrients intake, relationship between food and certain organs in your body and relationship between food and well-being .Please feel free to ask in the comment box about anything you would wish to read about and feel free to comment or like any post.


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