Urban gardening / How the community can help us spread the word

We demand that individuals take part of the SNAP gardens to help spread the word. We demand that they If they sell plants at a Farmer’s Market, post a SNAP Gardens “Grow your Food Stamps” sign at your stand. Volunteer to Help Visit:  http://www.snapgardens.org/volunteer/Spread the word using social media:  Let your friends know about SNAP Gardens such as Twitter, Facebook and others.If you sell plants at a Farmer’s Market, post a SNAP Gardens “Grow your Food Stamps” sign at your stand.  Request posters at http://www.snapgardens.org/posters/.When people use SNAP to buy plants and seeds ask them to visit http://www.snapgardens.org/survey/ to give us feedback.Ask customers to return to share their success stories (and to buy more plants!)

We also strongly encourage gardening Based on several discussions that I have with people who used food stamps to grow gardens, urban gardening can reveal to be very difficult. Lots of persons have raised concerns about not having the proper space to grow. Well to shed light for those of us that reside in NYC and that are interested, if you wish to grow food producing-plants or seeds, you can also make use of community gardens. Community gardens are plots of land used for growing food by people from different family families, they are community-based collaborative efforts to grow food. I believe that urban community gardens are a good initiative for it benefits invidiuals/communities while positively impacting the natural environment.


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