Reaching out to different farmers markets around the country

This week my internship supervisor wants us to focus on retailer outreach. His concerns were that a lot of people are inquiring about places to buy edible plants and seeds. The problem is that they are able to find places to buy them even at some farmers markets. I believe that it is indeed an effective way to help.So since the USDA finally updated their farmers market database by listing almost all the farmers markets around United States of America that accept SNAP benefits, our task is to email all of them if they are not already a partner of SNAP gardens.

This may sound boring at first but it is actually a very good task because it shows how to reach out to people using emails/internet access. This task is beneficial for us public health professionals to be in the sense that we know if we want to get through some people, how to look it up over the internet, how to get about it ,creating spreadsheets and staying organized while dealing with thousands of contacts. So since the USDA did not post their email addresses to avoid spamming ,it is also our responsibility to look it up through their website or any sort of contact information they may have. Another way we can also do outreach is through the usage of social media .We can either like their facebook page and write on their wall or follow them on twitter and tweet  about seeds and food-producing plants selling. Outreach method can sometimes be overwhelming but the point is to remind yourself of the good that will come out of it for the community you serving. This project may sound like a long one but what keeps one motivated is the end result. When doing community health work, it is good to think about the positivity and the good that will come out of it.


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