Participatory approach to community development

One day, while talking and taking pictures   at a farmers market in Brooklyn..Bushwick Farmers market, I  made an encounter with someone from the community. I am blogging about it because his reaction was quite puzzling. The guy approached us and expressed his concerns about the famers market in the community. He avowed that he was not happy with their presence in the community for they did not ask whether or not they could be there. I then told them about the benefits of farmers markets and he argued that fruits and vegetables were already being sold in the neighborhood. Whether or not what he was saying was the truth, his concerns automatically brought me to think about something I learn in class participatory approach to community development. Farmers markets presence are indeed beneficial but including the community, making sure they are involve, they approve of it is also very important.

Thus,the next day I’ve decided to approach a community member,from her I’ve actually gotten a different perspective.She was,unlike the other person very pleased with their presence. She confided to me she actually buys from them every week and actually grow her own little garden. She wishes that everyone could do the same for they are “missing out”. From these two persons  I learn to realize the values of questioning ,interacting, interviewing everyone from a community because only based on that can a public health professional decides what’s good for a community and whether or not the method or the resources being provided are being used effectively.


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