Health benefits of growing your food/garden using food stamps…

As you may have read in my previous blog posts? SNAPGardens primary goal is to make sure that the population of America using food stamps actually buys food-producing plants and seeds to grow their own gardens.

My blog post will focus on the health benefits of growing your own food or simply the health benefits of gardening. Lots of studies have shown that gardening promote higher consumption of fruits and vegetables. Another benefit is that it cost effective on the long run. Buying weekly spices/herbs/vegetables weekly at the grocery store can be relatively expensive in lieu of growing them yourself. For instance, some customers have told me that they utilize a lot of basil to cook thus it was my assumption that they buy it a lot. So I tell them that buying the plant and growing it will end up being less expensive for you won’t have to buy it every day but rather take it from your garden. Basically, gardening could help people eat more nutritious food without hefty expenses.

Growing gardens either by utilizing community gardens or home gardens, in a sense bring residents together therefore decreasing isolation, sharing culture, recipes and also seeds. Also, by telling the community that they can grow their own plants, SNAP gardens is encouraging empowerment, a way for individuals, communities to gain mastery over their lives. Also, growing your own food may  help reduce health inequities by encouraging physical activity, healthy food choices making one less prone to heart disease or obesity.


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