Frequently asked questions

Community outreach also encompasses answering questions even if it’s not directly associated with one’s project. Therefore, constant learning or reading about different topics related to your organization can sometimes be very helpful. For instance we do encourage people to use their food stamps to grow gardens. However, some people have approached how to apply for food stamps for instance. Have we not read about it or inform ourselves we would have not been able to answer those questions. So internship partner have created frequently asked questions that we hope soon to give also as a hand out to individuals who come to us. Some of the questions that we get a lot are as a follow:

What is SNAP?

It stands for Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. It is commonly known as Food Stamps.  It is a government program helping struggling families put food on the table

How can I get/apply for food stamps?

Go to your local HRA/ Food Stamp Office.  Contact Human Resources Administration, 718-557-1399 or, 1-877-472-8411, (Toll free within the five boroughs of New York City)For NYC Food Stamp Centers call 311, or visit

How can I grow plants?

Any window space in your home or community gardens will suffice.  All you need is some sunlight and water.

Where do we find community gardens?

49 Chambers Street Room 1020
New York, New York 10007

Tel. (212) 788-8070
Fax (212) 788-8052


What if I don’t have space to garden?

You can always use community gardens or try to make use of the window sill space.


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