Envisaging food stamps office as a site for outreach

This week, our outreach was slightly different, our internship thought that we should shift a little bit our placements at the farmers markets to go to food stamps office. He thought that going to food stamps office was a very effective way to spread the word out about SNAP and gardening. In fact, going there was a very good idea for this way it was a more direct way to get in touch with our primary target population: people using food stamps. There we were able to inform to people that they could use their EBT benefits to by edible plants and seeds. We handed out flyers to those who were receptive about the message. We also stayed in this office for observation purposes just as way to see what kind of ads/posters they had on the wall also to check out what kind of things/message they showed on TV whether it was health/gardening/food stamps related.

We also spoke to the directors of the different offices to find out about what to do to put SNAP gardens posters in the office. After this experience this week, My internship partner and I agreed upon that we should go to all food stamps office in all boroughs to communicate the message for it is much more direct , faster and effective way to deliver the message.


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