Contributions to SNAPgardens

Aside from doing community oureach,I  sometimes feel like I can utilize other personal and professional skills to contribute to the project that I am doing in SNAPgardens.Though not clear to me yet,I sense that utilizing my research skills  to make a case study on the organization into finding out whether or not what they are doing is being properly or rather effectively done can be a contribution to the organization and beneficial to myself. Basically finding, comprehending public health research specific to population interested in gardening or programs that are food stamps related can definitely help to determine the significance of this project .





Also researching and identifying effective community  health programs or interventions focused toward communities of similar background  is of a huge importance.At SNAP gardens, our aim is to promote health from a gardening perspective .We tell people on food stamps that they can do so much more with their EBT benefits, they can grow gardens! However implementing these health promotion program and evaluating the effectiveness of it can be challenging. Hence, I feel like creating surveys either in word documents to hand in physical copies or creating online survey via survey monkey is one of the best methods to assess if the work that we are doing is really contributing to the organization. Also in order to be effective in doing community outreach or when interning in a fieldwork organization is being able to act as a resource person. This way it gives a good image to the organization and it gives interest to the person you are conveying the message to.



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