Outreach methods can be very diverse

This week was relatively a though week for us doing community outreach in SNAP gardens. We had to do a lot of work more like the type of the indoor one, to be more precise office work. My internship partner and I had to send out individuals emails to about 250 SNAP-ED agencies all around the country to inform them that the SNAP-ED guidance for Fiscal Year 2013 has changed, and gotten better for gardening! The purchase of seeds, plants, and small gardening tools and supplies to assist in developing garden projects are, for the first time, allowable SNAP-Ed costs, as well as educational supplies, curricula, and staff salaries to teach gardening concepts.If interested for more information,please read http://www.SNAPgardens.org/2012/04/04/more-gardening-opportunities-in-fy-2013-snap-ed-guidance/

Our task also consisted of immediate replies to whatever questions they may  had have after being contacted.Another aspect of our outreach included posting daily links about farmers markets or community gardening on the SNAPGardens facebook page and this has proven to be effective. Posting daily success story about gardening and farmers market is a way to encourage others into these activities and it is also a way to empower any followers that we have on twitter or people who liked SNAPGardens facebook page.It is a way of inciting them into adopting healthy behaviors and sharing them with their friends via Facebook or twitter.


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