Challenges what to do?

This week, more precisely yesterday, we did tabling at a very new Farmers market located in the Bronx in front of Bronx Community College. During outreach at this site have proven to be a bit more complicated and less effective I must say. Since it is a very new one (unlike the one on Union Square that have been there over 20 years) this farmers market is relatively small and what is unfortunate is that they do not have plants vendors yet. It is still early in the season, so the director thinks that around end of July, starting August there will definitely be more vendors hence more people coming. So , throughout the day one aspect of our outreach was to make use of a lot of social media broadcast mostly via twitter and facebook  to attract people.

Not having plant vendors was a big issue for us that day since we were unsure how to assess that message would stay with the community. On that day we really had to be persistent with the population we were dealing with. We also had to make sure that they’d left their emails or any contact information. This aspect for outreach was crucial just for reinforcement about what they learned. Though it sounds a bit counterproductive, we did inform a lot of people and have gotten emails from them. My lesson for that day is sometimes doing community outreach can be a bit challenging but one must not give up and should always try to do anything in one’s power to serve the community.


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