This week @ SNAPgardens

This week at Snap Gardens, one of my tasks was to do tabling at the Harlem farmers market located on 125th  street between Lenox and 7th ave. I must tell you this experience was one of the greatest. At first we did not have a table but my internship partner and I used our imagination and creativity to nicely arrange two benches that were readily available on site. You can take a look at the picture on the side. It was our second time but unlike the first time, much more people came asking us questions. Of course our job is to inform the customers that they can purchase seeds and edible plants with their EBT card. However, the barrier to this is that lots of the customers take the information and forget about it. So my partner realized that the best way for the message to stay with the person is to actually introduce them to the vendors in the market who are selling edible plants. By doing so, they automatically purchase plants from the vendors using their EBT coins.

It was also a great experience because we were also informing the plant vendors that people could buy any edible plants or seeds with their EBT. We’ve realized that this was an important aspect of the community outreach because most of the times, the vendors are not aware that they can sell to consumers who use SNAP. I must admit also that at the 125th farmers market, they have nice vendors selling edible plants, hence it was easy to speak to them .

Thus, through that second experience we have gain the knowledge that sometimes informing about an opportunity is not enough, doing more steps such as , politely asking  to buy the plants, introducing them to the vendors, is more effective. This way, they understood better and were deeply pleased with this opportunity and were somehow able to translate the message to their community


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