Fieldwork experience

Thus far, my internship at Snap gardens has proven to be really educative. I hope to gain lots of experience from it, although I feel like I am getting so much already. With this internship, I mean being a community outreach is very helpful to me in the sense that it helps me a lot with my communication skills, writing emails to people who asked questions, talking and informing customers in farmers market are all big part of the tasks that Rafael and I do.

I hope to improve on how to better utilize a variety of outreach methods strategies including social media in order to provide information about Snap gardens to populations that have not been served or are underserved. We did develop basic outreach skills, examples are flyers poster, social media announcements mostly twitter, we organize basic outreach events for instance table events.

Like I have said earlier, we are to communicate effectively with the public, on one to one conversations, public speaking to groups or through computer-mediated communication, in order to convey knowledge of the basic information about Snap gardens clearly and in culturally appropriate ways.

I hope to also be able to work together with other community members, workers and professionals to develop collective plans to increase resources in specific communities within the 5 boroughs in NYC.And we also hope to expand broader public awareness of community needs as it is related to community gardens,farmers market or anything having to do with SNAP(Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program/Food Stamps)


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