SNAP Gardens

During summer, aside from going to school and working full time, I had envisaged to intern at a place. After applying several places and getting myriad of interviews. I have finally opted for this non- profit organization called SnapGardens. SNAP Gardens is a new non-profit working to raise awareness that SNAP benefits can be used to buy food-producing plants and seeds, and to help ensure that resources are leveraged to make gardening a practical choice for SNAP participants.

I decided to intern at this organization because somehow we share the same interests for some public health aspects such as encouraging others to eat healthy, informing and educating about resources readily available ,empowering communities into adopting healthy habits and also food justice.

If you take a look at my previous blog posts, you won’t help but noticed that my blog posts encompass food justice, healthy eating. Evidently, I do not write about community gardens but I must admit that in order to eat healthy, gardens certainly play a big role. After all, we get all lots of nutritious food from them either at home on the dinner table or either from vendors arriving all over the place to sell in farmer’s market. So if you wish to learn more about this organization and should you wish to help spread the word about gardening, SNAPGardens also provides posters to raise awareness and promote gardening with SNAP benefits.  If you would like to request SNAP Gardens posters, please visit


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