What ….hot dogs serve like meals?

All right, So I know lots of you may be wondering..Why hot dogs? Why  is she blogging about those..

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Well, if you are one of those that watch TV pretty often. Have you ever seen this commercial in which a family is reunited at the table for diner and they eat hot dogs and tomatoes? So my reaction was, like, really? What the heck are you eating with your families? hot dogs!?! Not saying that hot dogs are totally wrong to eat, but I believe that Americans are not fully cognizant of all the chemicals, sodium or fat that they contain. Well, if you try to read an hot dog label, you’ll see that it is usually made of meat (could be beef turkey, pork, a mixture of all three), fat, salt, lots of chemicals, flavorings. I know that one hot dog is about 250 calories. Let’s say you eat two a day. It’s already taken out ¼ of your 2000 calories deal daily. Moreover, hot dogs are not a good source of protein for those of you that may mistake it with meat. It’s just totally different. Hot dogs also have preservatives called sodium nitrites that preserves its flavors, pink color and prevents rancidity. Also, a 2010 study conducted by Harvard University found that eating one serving of processed meat a day increased risk of heart disease by 42 percent and diabetes by 19 percent.

Well I am not saying that we need to deprive ourselves completely. To be honest with you I do not intend to do so. I just love them at barbeques and sometimes at home when I’m watching a movie. What I recommend is to save them for special occasion like a major barbeque…also one thing that might help is to buy brands that are lower in fat and sodium for it will somewhat decrease chances of acquiring certain illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and so forth.


4 responses to “What ….hot dogs serve like meals?

  1. I like the Oscar Meyer Angus beef dogs that don’t contain nitrates or nitrites-the sodium is lower than their non-Angus counterpart. I’m also trying some from a local farm that are more natural so hope they are not gross :). Good post–it is fun to have some light reading that is interesting :).

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