Food matters

So today, I had a pretty lengthy and heated discussion with my sister about “Food Matters”. I am sure that a lot of you have heard about it prior to today. If you haven’t I highly recommend that you take a look at the trailer below.

Overall this documentary was very informative, for it covers aspects and points that deal with everyday life and activities: the cause /effects of food and nutrition on our body and health. This documentary is constructed in such a way that it promotes heath and it proposes solutions to the crucial health problems recurrent in our society .There are many points that this documentary enlightens and made me really take into account.

For instance, my sister talked to me about how over the past 40-50 years our food has changed greatly. Nowadays not only our foods but also our consuming methods have shifted. Back then, our grandparents did not know the frozen food or the fast food and microwave era. The industrialized foods have revolutionized the food consumption. Also, the invention of microwave and all food modifiers, genetically transformed food, make a big contrast with food consumption now and then. Unfortunately the new ways of consumption makes the population more fragile and more likely to catch fatal diseases than the old traditional ways. What is important in this documentary is basically saying that malnourishment caused depression. That one can treat cancer and cure disease by having a good nutrition.

Like my sister said.. ”she does not think she can do anything, substantially, to greatly change the current crisis except inform the more people she can. She wanted to share this to make them aware of what they are exposed to. Because the only way for everyone to take action is to first understand and to know .”

What about you?Do you think you can do anything?


6 responses to “Food matters

  1. I do think everyone has a role to play in the current state of poor health. In fact my graduate research focuses on the effects of media and health behaviours; so far what I’ve seen indicates that mass media, government attempts and public health promotion just aren’t enough. People each, individually need to take every choice they make into their own responsibility.

    If more and more people demand non-GMOs, seek out locally grown and organic produce, the market will respond by increasing the supply. It only takes one person to make that decision every day. If every one person makes those choices, they add up into thousands of people putting their health and nutrition first.

    Great article!

  2. You’ve got to start small to make a difference in the world. Changing your daily habits, inspiring family members to rethink their food choices and talking to others in your community may seem like nothing. however, the impact can be farther reaching that we may realize! Great posts like this help too 🙂

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