Eating planet!

Credit@ Barilla Center for food and nutrition

Today we are celebrating Earth day. I know this blog is about food but I am going to blog about this book  titled “Eating planet”. The book mostly does not talk about how to be healthy in your meal but it is of a strong interest for me since it relates to food and mostly encompasses themes of food injustice around the world such as hunger, food sustainability and so forth. So, this book “Eating Planet” is presented by Barilla Center for food and nutrition to mark earth day.It is available to download for free today only. So if ever you are interested visit

Eating planet highlights the challenges that the world is facing today with regards to food and agricultural system, as well as ways that it will benefit us if policymakers and individuals were to remediate these issues. We are surrounded by billion of individuals who are overweight and paradoxically billion of people who are dying of hunger worldwide.

“Access to food is one of the first and most fundamental of all human rights,” says Guido Barilla, Chairman of the Barilla Group. So does Paul Farmer in an article [Challenging orthodoxies: the road ahead for health and human rights] that I have read last year in one of my public health classes: “food, food for the poor”.

Taking into account all these issues, the book is divided into four sections: Food for All, Food for Sustainable Growth, Food for Health, and Food for Culture. Each of these sections ends with tangible recommendations or proposals, and actions that need to be taken to solve the global food crisis. For instance, in developing countries, it is pretty hard to have a change in lifestyle. Healthy eating, for the majority of these individuals, is dependent upon their earnings- most of them have an average income if not no income at all-. The book highlights how it is important to provide access and to educate these population about healthy foods like veggies and fruits, making sure that everyone gets proper nutrition, balanced diet, starting from infancy to old ages to avoid morbidity problems such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity etc..

So today, as we celebrate earth day, let us think about every single individual on earth. Let us combat food injustice by having an “Eating planet”!


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