Food safety recalls

Credit @ medscape

Some groceries are implementing the stratagem used by FDA to help their customers in making informed food choices. For instance, in the New York area , waldbaum is one of them and if you go on their website, there is a link that direct you on certain food recalls. Food safety recalls is basically connected to the major foodborne illnesses outbreaks in the US. The US government is regulating this issue. In fact, in an effort to ensure the safety of the US food supply, President Obama signed the food safety modernization act on January 2011 in order to effectively respond to prevention of food contamination.

The major product safety recalls includes ground beef, romaine lettuce, cantaloupe. Recent media reports have referred to an additive called “pink slime” in ground beefs, nowadays lots of groceries are trying to carry all natural ground beef that do not contain any additive in order to satisfy their customers. I know some of you may think, “oh well this recall does not apply to me, I only consume ground turkey”. Well, surprisingly enough there was also last year a recall on ground turkey products produced in Springdale Arkansas. The collaboration of government agencies such as CDC and USDA identified ground turkey as the suspected source of outbreak of Salmonella Heidelberg. Also, on September 29 of last year 2011,True Lead Farms of California issued a recall of bagged romaine lettuce. So please say vigilant on which romaine lettuce you are utilizing to put on the table. Another major product recall is cantaloupe from the Jersen Farms Company

Credit @ Parvinder Singh from flickr

based in Colorado. Their cantaloupes were linked to outbreak of listerioris from august through October 2011 and were responsible from various deaths. The outbreak associated is not only the first but also the largest listeriosis outbreak in the history of the Unites States. There is available evidence that this outbreak is currently over.

Knowing that there are many product recalls please stay informed about food recalls to protect yourself and loved ones. Always visit the FDA website and stay alert in order to keep health in your meals.


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