Food safety during summer season

If you are in the NYC area, today, it was extremely hot outside. Then when I checked the local weather, to my own surprise I realized it

Credit @ Derivadow from flikr

was about 85 degrees outside. All I could think of was  summer is right at the corner and it always comes with fairs, festivals, barbeques and so forth. I then also realized that most part of these fun activities/activities encompasses consumption of different types of foods. The Center for Disease Control  states that foodborne illnesses increases during the summer months. Henceforth, it becomes even more necessary to implement food safety measures. It is important that whether at home, at fairs, or at a barbeque party one remembers the practices of food safety: clean, separate, cook and chill. So as a consumer it is important for oneself to ask if the vendors wear gloves to handle food? Has the vendor been inspected by the state to sell food? And other questions of these sorts.

During summer season, it becomes easier to engage in unhealthy dietary behavior so it is also important to consider if there are healthy food alternatives. I’m not saying that one should refrain himself/herself from eating burgers, hot dogs, fries, I am just saying that eating those everyday may cause adverse effects on your health later on ; they should be taken as treats rather than making them daily meals. If there are no healthy options, it is sometimes best to carry your own meal or snack from home ensuring that they are properly stored of course.

Credit @ JIT from flikckr

So, during the summer season while attending festive outdoor events, take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family. Always wash hands before handling food and/or before eating. If you suspect that you or your family may have contracted a foodborne illness please contact your local health department. It is important that food safety steps are followed so the food served doesn’t make anyone sick. Try to cook-serve, which means limiting the amount of food preparation performed off site.

Enjoy the weather!:)


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